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Ruben started his professional career in 1994 as an Officer with the Texas Dept of Criminal Justice - Institutional Division, where by 1996 he quickly rose to the rank of Field Force Sergeant overseeing all Agriculture production, at the N5 Unit. This operation is completely outside the secure fence of a correctional institution, Sgt Falcon oversaw alfalfa hay and cotton farming, a horse farm, and the daily dangerous task of taking 300 inmates outside the prison fence and into the public domain.

Governor George Bush and the 75th Texas Legislature recognized Sgt Falcon in 1997 on the House Floor for his heroic actions during the 2-week stand-off in Ft Davis Texas, where at gunpoint a radical group; The Republic of Texas kidnapped and took over the homes and property of over 100 residents. The stand-off ended with a shoot-out where one of Sgt Falcon’s search dogs were killed by an IED, a kidnapper was also killed. This led to Sergeant Falcon being promoted to Lieutenant at the time the youngest Lieutenant in the 100-year history of the agency. In 2000 Ruben transferred to the Federal Bureau of Prisons, however, his career was cut short in 2001, due to his father’s illness that required him to completely take over the family business which includes a restaurant, residential and commercial rental properties.                  

Ruben Falcon has been a lifelong public servant and small business owner. Ruben is passionate about public service. Before he was first elected as Fort Stockton Chamber President in 2003, he was active and continues to be active in youth recreation. Ruben was elected to The Fort Stockton City Council 2005-2007. He was then elected Mayor in 2007 and served two full terms until 2011. During his Mayoral term he testified before committees at the state legislature defending private property rights and local control. Under his leadership, his focus has been infrastructure and workforce development. Falcon also served his community by being elected to the Middle Pecos Groundwater Conservation District in 2014. His values and voice for property owner rights came through during his term. He has championed for governmental accountability, local control, and fiscal responsibility. He continues to promote west Texas for business and investment. He currently volunteers his time on City Council being reelected in 2015.


He was born and raised in Fort Stockton, Texas, and attended Western Texas College in 1994 and obtained a Certificate in Criminal Justice and attended Law Enforcement training at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Gylinco, Georgia in 2000. He and his wife of 29 years, Veronica Falcon, are the proud parents of their son’s, Jalen and Jordan Falcon. Jordan served his community as a law enforcement officer and Jalen is an IT recruiter in Austin, Texas.


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