"I have been in public service for as long as I can remember. I want to work for you as your State Representative for Texas House District 74. As a small business owner and a family man I understand the importance of being fiscally responsible. My passion to serve comes with knowledge in land-owner rights and with nearly a two decades of public service. I know what it takes to find solutions to the problems facing District 74. God Bless and see you on the campaign trail."  
Ruben Falcon
Conservative Family Man
Candidate for Texas House District 74
Property Taxes 

In Austin, Ruben will fight for drastic change in the current Property Tax system.

1. Chief County Appraiser should be elected.

2. Make Unfunded Mandates unconstitutional

3. Replace current tax system that is breaking the backs of home owners and business owners.

Local Control

Ruben is a Local Control Hawk.  He believes that government should go from the people to the elected officials, not from officials down to the people.

Land-Owner Rights

When elected Ruben will inherit the House Committee of Natural Resources. That means he is the leading voice for Texas water policy in the House. Ruben has ensured land-owners the passage of new policies that protect their rights.

Job Creation

Ruben will demand that Texas remains a competitive business environment so we can continue to attract the best companies and jobs that our families need to thrive. Ruben wants to make Texas the easiest place to start a business and maintain a business.